About Us

Fawm is an acroronym for (F)earfully (A)nd (W)onderfully (M)ade because that is exactly what all babies are. We believe that all paths to parenthood should be celebrated. So whether you are pregnant, TTC, pregnant after a loss, dealing with loss, using the help of science, have a surrogate or any other path we see you and know just how challenging these times can be.
We know that most have a more conventional usually straightforward route to parenthood whereas some of us take a more scenic route similar to that of a rollercoaster. Fawm was created as a brand that resonates with ALL routes especially those that took a little while longer. With the hope to spread a little love and positivity along the way.
Often times it seems that in the Trying To Conceive (TTC) and infertility community we are made to feel silenced. So I wanted a brand that does almost the exact opposite. We need to be seen for things to move forward for these hard conversations to be had.
Knowing first hand what loss feels like and the feeling that you cant really talk about it because you don’t feel that anyone understands because no one actually talks about it. Finding those people meant everything and that’s what we hope to achieve with FAWM.
The brands motto is to spread Hope and Positivity ONE baby gro at a time.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a global brand offering support and encouragement wherever on the journey to parenthood you might be. Our hope is that we will be able to use proceeds from our sales to help support families going through infertility and loss. We believe that everyone should get access to Help or aid and money should never be a factor as to why growing their family cant happen. 10% of all our proceeds ‘goes’ towards making this dream a reality. We want our pieces to be recognised and worn worldwide with pride.


On this Journey to parenthood it can seem rather isolating and lonely. But reality is that 1 in 8 of us are right in that space and another 1 in 4 have suffered a pregnancy loss. Our Hope inspired pieces are for all of us in this journey whether you are starting a fertility treatment, using a surrogate, freezing your eggs, got pregnant naturally after some time or are already a mother. This range is for you. Almost like a sisterhood. Our Hope is to take any form of shame away and instead fill us with Hope an Positivity during an already very challenging time. Our pieces act as a reminder that we are not alone and our journeys are worth celebrating.

Did you know that we will give 10% of every sale towards facilitating those on their journey to parenthood using fertility  treatments. So by buying and supporting you in turn are supporting others too. If you don’t fancy buying anything you can also just make a donation and all proceeds will go to  that same cause. Thank you in advance.