‘HOPE’ Collection

This collection here is our Signature piece which serves (to) bring a sense of Hope,support and community to anyone on this journey to parenthood. It hopes to bring a sense of warmth and unity. A sense of encouragement when you may need it the most. So you may be on your ivf journey and choose to wear it on transfer day or when you’re at home feeling reflective. These pieces hope to bring a little piece of joy and happiness to you right where you are.

Faith Gifts

This ties in quite nicely with our Hope range. This is not actually a new phenomena, these are little tokens to give someone close to you who has shared their journey with you and you want to encourage them letting them know you’re on their mind. This kind of gift does the talking so you don’t really have to. What’s great about a faith gift is that it is also a gift you can gift yourself to encourage yourself on your journey. Whether its a little Babygro that one day your baby will wear. Or your new favourite mug and maybe even a bright bold sweater to wear on your transfer day. Feel encouraged and feel supported we all need that little bit of Hope.